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"Every  Accomplishment Starts With a Try" by Inspirational Quotes

 "The Only Thing That Hurts Harder Than A Failure Is Not Trying." by Apoorve Dubey 

"There is nothing to lose by trying.  Define new ways of doing things.  Never underestimate the     power of an action." by Lailah Gifty Akita 

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multi - author book project being compiled on stories of Change. Targeted completion date, Oct. 2019

Chaos to Clarity

Read Paulette Scales Life Changing Story  she co authored in book Chaos to Clarity

Chaos to Clarity

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Real pain.  Real people.  Real healing.  Real stories of transformation.  Be touched and inspired by the heart and soul of our shared humanity.

Sacred Stories of Transformational Change shares inspirational stories of people from around the world who did just that, refused to let pain define the rest of their life.

Publisher: Sacred Stories Publishing

Publish Date:  November 19, 2019

Available on Amazon!/chaos-to-clarity

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